Self Elevating Systems

Elevating Column and Spudwell Attachments can be utilized to increase production and available working days by enabling Series S-70 Flexifloat platforms and on-deck equipment to be raised above the action of tides, waves and current

Elevating Spudwells incorporate the Flexifloat lock system and are easily added to properly-sized assemblies. Spudwell attachments utilize a pair of internal, rotating locking rings together with a hydraulic, cylinder-actuated elevating mechanism to transfer lifting forces to the Elevating Columns. By alternately engaging and disengaging the rotating locking rings while actuating the hydraulic cylinders of the Spudwells, platforms can be raised, lowered or secured at any elevation.

Elevating Columns are built from 36-inch x 0.75-inch wall steel pipe and designed with external lugs for engaging the lift/lock mechanism of the Spudwells. Columns are completely sealed with recessed end plates and are heavily reinforced at the bottom-bearing ends. A full-length, internal, 2-inch steel air line is installed through both upper and lower end plate to allow the application of compressed air to facilitate the retraction of Elevating Columns from extremely soft bottoms.

Self-contained, skid-mounted Hydraulic Power Units provide power for the Spudwell Attachments. Each Power Unit consists of a tandem-gear hydraulic pump driven by a diesel engine.

Series Attachment Specifications
WeightLbs. LengthFt. WidthFt. DepthFt. CubageCu. Ft. NumberRequired
S-70 Elevating Spudwell, 36" dia. 19,100 16.6 5.8 4.9 476 4
Elevating Column, 36" dia. x 80' 30,000 80.0 3.3 3.3 845 4
Hydraulic Pumping Unit, HPU-SEP 115 HP Diesel 6,500 10.0 5.75 5.75 330 2