On-Site Engineering Support

Although Flexifloat equipment requires no special training for assembly and installation, Robishaw application engineers are available upon customer request to provide on-site consultation and assistance.

This global service option is offered at no charge to first-time users, and is also extended without charge to all customers having special configuration needs, extreme application demands, or extraordinary job requirements.

Robishaw field engineers are highly skilled, trained professionals. They are experts in the design, assembly and proper application of Flexifloat equipment. Additionally, they bring Robishaw's 65 years of experience in marine operations to the customer's jobsite. They are extremely knowledgeable in marine rigging procedures and construction methods and are familiar with the various types of heavy equipment used throughout the industry.

Combining specific product expertise with extensive field experience, Robishaw is committed to provide qualified, on-site engineering support to advise and assist the user in realizing the maximum economic benefit of Flexifloat equipment.