Flexifloat Assembly Design

Flexifloat modules are available in various standard widths, lengths and depths to cover overlapping ranges of buoyancy requirements.

The integral, high-tensile connector system allows modules to be connected end-to-end, side-to-side, or end-to-side, permitting the assembly of platforms of virtually any size and shape. To insure proper application of the equipment, each Flexifloat assembly is uniquely designed and configured by our application engineers to provide the minimum possible draft while maintaining adequate buoyancy and absolute structural integrity under all anticipated environmental and operational load conditions.

Computer analyses and simulations are extensively utilized to verify buoyant capacity, hull stress and static stability for each installation. Whenever possible, assembly designs are enhanced by utilizing "T", "U", "H" or other optimally-shaped configurations that require fewer modules and exhibit better stability characteristics than larger, rectangular assemblies.