Application Analysis

Robishaw Engineering offers a comprehensive project analysis service to assist potential users in the economic evaluation and proper application of Flexifloat equipment.

Working closely with prospective clients, we develop and analyze information as to the scope of work to be performed, site conditions, access and environmental restrictions, as well as the types, weights and layouts of the equipment to be used. Static deck loads, dynamic equipment loads, together with the external forces are also identified and evaluated for their combined effects.

Using this information, we combine sound, imaginative engineering principles with extensive marine construction experience to recommend a Flexifloat assembly that will meet or exceed all job requirements and result in time and cost savings to you, the user. Conversely, if our review indicates that there may be more practical, efficient or economical alternatives to our equipment, we will tell you so. This is our ongoing service commitment to our customers and it is extended without cost or other obligation, whatsoever.