Pump Platform in the High Sierra

After a winter of unusually severe weather in the mountains surrounding Lake Agnew in California, extreme snowmelt caused the lake level to rise to the maximum allowable water elevation. Due to the age of the dam and seismic-related restrictions, the lake level must not exceed a certain elevation that could potentially put excessive pressure on the dam. To prevent this, Rain for Rent supported a 90,000-gpm pump system on a Series H-50 Flexifloat platform to move excess water from the lake, over the dam and into the river downstream. Located in a remote area at an elevation of 8,500-ft, a helicopter was needed for the installation of the Flexifloat units and pump equipment.

The pump platform consisted of two barge assemblies used for different phases of the project. During one phase, these were locked together to support a 150-ton deck load consisting of pumps, piping, equipment and personnel. A portion of the Flexifloats remain onsite for ongoing lake maintenance.