CAT Crossing Canal

Asimpa, LLC used a Series S-50 floating bridge system to support heavy construction equipment while crossing a 140-foot-wide waterway for a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers project in Okeechobee, Florida. The 30-foot-wide Flexifloat assembly was designed to support a fully loaded CAT 745 articulated haul truck weighing over 80 tons. 20-foot-long Loading Ramps allowed for a smooth transition onto and off of the main hull. Hinge Connectors installed at the center of the span were used to alleviate stresses on the Flexifloat locking system as equipment crossed over the bridge. Spud and Spudwell attachments provided anchoring to resist lateral movement but allowed the bridge system to move up and down with water elevation fluctuation. Contractor-supplied laminated timber mats provided improved traction and weight distribution on the steel decks for the rubber-tired trucks and crawler-mounted construction equipment.