North Slope Docks for Alaska Clean Seas

Alaska Frontier Constructors (AFC) supplied Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) with three dock systems for their marine oil spill response operations on the North Slope of Alaska. ACS is an oil spill response consortium which consists of oil and pipeline companies that operate on the northern shores of Alaska adjacent to the Beaufort Sea. The Flexifloat floating docks provide mooring for 25 to 45-foot workboats used for transport of equipment and personnel, boom deployment and skimming activities.

AFC selected Robishaw Engineering’s Flexifloat sectional barges to provide their client with an off-the-shelf system that was easy to assembly in the field under challenging site conditions at an extremely remote project location and that could withstand the harsh environmental elements such as the frequent subzero temperatures within the Arctic Circle. ACS was replacing an existing barge at their West Dock Moorage Facility with two 140’ x 40’ x 5’ floating docks and adding a 140’ x 20’ x 5’ platform at a secondary site nearby. In addition to being used for mooring response vessels, these three platforms are designed to allow for fuel truck and other vehicular access by means of heavy-duty steel ramps and pedestrian gangways supplied by AFC.

A total of 30 Quadrafloats (40’ x 10’ x 5’) and 10 Duofloats (20’ x 10’ x 5’) were used to assemble the 14,000 ft2 of Series S-50 Flexifloat equipment needed for the three dock systems. Robishaw Engineering also provided custom fendering and access ladders. Additionally, a high-quality, durable paint system was applied in anticipation of the severe marine environment and subzero temperatures. A non-skid additive was included in the deck coating. Deck hatches were added to some of the floats for potential ballasting.