Hydraulic & Mechanical Winch Systems

Optional Winch Systems provide necessary power, speed and capacity to effectively handle most anchoring, positioning and lifting requirements encountered in the application of Flexifloat equipment.

Available systems include both hydraulic, console-controlled winches as well as mechanical, direct-drive units. Winches are designed for use either as an integral part of another attachment or attached to assemblies by means of the Flexifloat lock system or other quick-connecting means.

Winch Systems may be augmented by available Deck Sheaves and Fairlead Attachments which may be easily attached on deck or around the perimeter of Flexifloat assemblies to maintain proper fleet and turning angles.

Double Drum Winch, Direct Drive Mechanical
Specification Model U-22
Engine Horsepower 65 BHP
Fuel Type Diesel
Rated Line Pull 7,000 Lbs
Line Speed 175 FPM
Spooling Capacity, 5/8" diameter cable 980 Ft
Unit Weight w/o cable 6,000 Lbs
Hydraulic Spud Winches
Specification Model U35 Model U35A Model U37
Rated Line Pull 10,000 Lbs 10,000 Lbs 16,000 Lbs
Line Speed - Forward 105 FPM 119 FPM 80 FPM
Line Speed - Reverse 105 FPM 119 FPM 80 FPM
Cable Spooling Capacity 188 Ft (5/8" dia.) 188 Ft (5/8" dia.) 170 Ft (3/4" dia.)
Operating Pressure 2,000 PSI 2,300 PSI 2,300 PSI
Maximum Oil Input 50 GPM 50 GPM 50 GPM
Unit Weight w/o cable 550 Lbs 500 Lbs 850 Lbs
Hydraulic Pumping Unit
Specification Model U41 Model U41-80 Model HPU-SW
Engine Horsepower 70 BHP 80 BHP 75 BHP
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel (Tier 3) Diesel (Tier 4)
Hydraulic Pump Sections 1 Ea 1 Ea 1 Ea
Maximum Operating Pressure 2,300 PSI 2,300 PSI 2,300 PSI
Maximum Oil Output 40 GPM 50 GPM 50 GPM
Unit Weight 3,900 Lbs 4,500 Lbs 5,000 Lbs