Flexifloat Equipment:

The Flexifloat Construction System, consisting of sectional barges and attachments, allows contractors to configure a barge that best meets their unique needs, rather than being forced to work around the limitations of a conventional barge.

By using standardized modular barges combined with multi-purpose attachments and accessories, Flexifloats allow for the design of assemblies of any shape required to effectively perform any floating and bridging function involved in marine activities.

All of the truck transportable barge units are designed and dimensioned for ease of handling, freedom of transport, simplicity of assembly, and practical economic application in marine applications at diverse locations.

Modular attachments, including ramp and rake sections, anchoring spuds, hydraulic and mechanical winch systems, and ancillary attachments allow further customizations to the specific needs of the individual contractor.

Central to the modular capabilities of the Flexifloat Construction System is the Locking System. In addition to ensuring strong connections between barge units, it provides built-in attachment points, making on-site modifications unnecessary.

Whatever your requirements, the Flexifloat Construction System will provide the flexibility you need to more efficiently perform your work.