Self-Elevating Platforms

Pile-driving, hook work, foundation-drilling and many other marine construction operations are put on a solid footing through the use of economical Flexifloat Self-Elevating Platforms (SEPs).

Highly-portable, these modular "jack-up" barges provide stable work platforms which effectively eliminate construction downtime due to waves, current and tidal action.

SEPs can operate in land-locked or shallow water areas that are inaccessible to conventional jack-up platforms. They are assembled from standard Series S-70 pontoon modules and Self-Elevating Columns and Spudwell attachments which are easily transported by truck and rapidly assembled on-site using small crews and common lifting equipment. Modular components permit SEPs to be efficiently configured into slotted or center-well assemblies for marine drilling.

The elevating system is hydraulically activated and manually controlled. Each Elevating Spudwell incorporates a rotating lift/lock mechanism which engages external lugs on its respective Elevating Column and permits raised platforms to be secured at any elevation.