Pile Driving Assemblies

The ability to assemble Flexifloat modules into a number of shapes offers significant advantages in pile-driving operations.

"T"-shaped assemblies permit location of the on-deck machine nearer the working edge of the barge while retaining excellent 360-degree stability. "T" configurations minimize the radius at which hammer, lead and piling must be handled by the machine, effectively increasing the reachable area in which piling can be driven without repositioning the assembly.

Similarly, "U"-shaped assemblies will also allow the positioning of the pile driving equipment nearer the work. "U" arrangements have an additional advantage in that the forward arms of the assembly may be used to support templates for precise spotting and driving of piling.

"T" and "U" configurations are both used to maximize access to confined work areas. Properly sized, these assemblies will permit pile driving equipment to work between very closely-spaced bents.