Drilling & Service Assemblies

Flexifloat platforms provide a practical and economical solution for exploration and development drilling in inland lakes, swamps, marshes and shallow water areas that are not easily accessed by conventional marine drilling rigs and equipment.

Modular barge units and anchoring attachments can be transported by truck into these areas and quickly assembled on-site into shallow-draft, floating platforms for:

  • seismic and geophysical equipment
  • slim-hole rigs
  • conventional land rigs
  • well service equipment
  • work-over rigs

Flexifloat platforms have the necessary strength to support most modern land-based drilling rigs. They are specifically designed to maintain a maximum draft of 4-1/2 feet or less, eliminating the need for dredging to access shallow or environmentally sensitive areas. These drilling and work-over assemblies are dimensioned to provide sufficient deck area for normal land-rig layouts and are designed to maintain excellent stability characteristics under all combinations of equipment, pipe and drilling fluid loads. Wellhead access is provided by a drill slot within the assembly for surface completions, or by a "moon pool" for subsurface completions.

A number of standard attachments and accessories are available to augment drilling and service barge assemblies. Ramp units are easily added to basic assemblies to provide drive-on capability for truck-mounted equipment. Raked bow and stern sections can be utilized to minimize current effects and enhance stream navigation. Floating assemblies are positioned and held on location by holding spuds and other anchoring attachments which are designed to resist lateral forces due to wind, current, and on-deck equipment.