Robishaw Engineering grants you access to the technical library based on your acceptance of the following TECHNICAL LIBRARY USE AGREEMENT.

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Robishaw Engineering, Inc. ("Robishaw") provides this Technical Documents Library to provide online access to drawings, technical documents, and other proprietary information (collectively referred to as "Technical Content") in order to assist clients of Robishaw.

In order to gain access to the Technical Library, you are required to register with Robishaw and provide your name and a valid email address. As a general rule, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties, except to the extent necessary to provide you with a requested service or under circumstances required by law. We will disclose your personal information when we believe in good faith that any applicable law, regulation, or legal process requires it, or when we believe disclosure is necessary to protect or enforce our rights.

The Technical Content is believed to be accurate and up-to-date. Robishaw Engineering, Inc. ("Robishaw") reserves the right to modify the Technical Content to improve accuracy. The Technical Content is the intellectual property of Robishaw and is intended for the use of Robishaw’s customers.

You, the requester of this Technical Content, will agree to:

  • use this Technical Content responsibly and professionally on behalf of Robishaw and Robishaw’s Customers;
  • guard against misuse of the Technical Content in ways that might violate Robishaw’s intellectual property rights or endanger the safety of people, property, or environments; and
  • not use to such Technical Content and materials in any attempt, plan, program or scheme to reverse engineer any product or service of Robishaw, or allow such Technical Content and materials of Robishaw to be used by another for such reverse engineering.

The Technical Content represents common configurations of Robishaw’s products and is furnished for information only. All dimensions shown are sheet specific. The Technical Content (including dimensions and design information) should only be used in cooperation with Robishaw technical personnel. Robishaw assumes no liability for the use of the Technical Content without prior consultation with Robishaw technical personnel.

You may use the Technical Content solely for your personal, or internal use. You may download, print and store portions of the Technical Content that you select, provided that you: (1) only use these copies of the Technical Content for your own personal, or internal use; (2) do not copy or post the Technical Content on any network computer or transmit, distribute, publish or broadcast the Technical Content in any media; and (3) do not modify or alter the Technical Content in any way, or delete or change any copyright or trademark notice. No right, title or interest in any Technical Content is transferred to you, whether as a result of downloading such Technical Content or otherwise. Robishaw reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in all Technical Content.

WARNING: The use of Flexifloat equipment requires competent personnel and the application of engineering principles. The improper use, operation, modification, maintenance or repair of Flexifloat equipment can be dangerous and result in property damage, injury or death. Contact Robishaw Engineering or other qualified professional prior to use. Robishaw Engineering offers its engineering services free of charge to all Flexifloat users. Other equipment used on or with Flexifloat barges must have the manufacturer’s approval for use in marine applications.

Except as explained in the preceding paragraphs, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, display, publish, publicly perform, create derivative works of, sell, transfer, transmit, compile, collect in a database, distribute or otherwise use the Technical Content in any way for any public or commercial purpose without the express, prior permission of Robishaw.

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