Flexifloat Portable Barges

The Flexifloat Construction System

by Robishaw Engineering is a combination of portable, interlocking modular barges and auxiliary attachments, which are used in inland marine, heavy-construction applications

All components of the sectional barge system are portable and are designed for road transport by standard highway trucks and trailers. Flexifloats can be quickly connected into larger assemblies of various sizes and shapes by ordinary work crews without the need for special tools or equipment. The resulting platforms are capable of supporting all types of heavy equipment loads in areas that are practically or economically inaccessible to conventional deck barges.

Flexifloat News
The Flexifloat website now contains a reference library which includes downloadable technical documentation and a photo gallery showing Flexifloats in use.
Flexifloat modular barges help Cianbro Corp. keep the railroad open and avoid substantial penalties during a recent project.
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Straus Bridge Flexiflash
Flexifloat Locking System
See how ordinary work crews can quickly connect Flexifloats into large assemblies of various sizes and shapes...
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